Ladies - is foot pain keeping you from enjoying life? Does it force you to sit while everyone else is up? Did you give up walking or are afraid at some point you’ll have to? You’re not alone.

Women’s Feet Are Special

A women foot is not simply a smaller version of a man’s foot. It is structurally different - more flexible and more fragile. That means women’s foot problems require careful evaluation and special treatment.

Do You Suffer From Any Of These Problems?

If your answer is yes, you’ve likely been to doctors, were prescribed orthotics, have had or are considering painful surgery, which involves a long recuperation period. The truth is, the symptoms above are usually caused by an underlying alignment problem of the bones of your feet.

Dr. Baldinger’s Approach To Women's Feet Is Different

  • The Right Diagnosis: To get the right treatment you first need the right diagnosis. Dr. Baldinger will help you feel better right away and in the meantime; a plan is put into place to correct the cause of your problem in the first place.
  • Focus On Long-Term Results: Dr. Baldinger wants you to feel better right away and into the future. He is an expert in innovative, safe , minimally invasive procedures that can correct many painful foot problems - for life.
  • Understanding, Patience, & Respect: At our office everything is explained to you in a way you can understand. All your questions and concerns are taken seriously. And, we are sensitive to your schedule, your lifestyle, and your cultural needs.

If you’re ready to wear pretty shoes again, get up and dance at weddings, take long walks, and keep up with your children or grandchildren, it’s time to see Dr. Baldinger.

Let’s Get You Moving Again!

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