As a boy growing up, you didn’t concentrate much on your feet. You played sports. You walked to school. You ran up and down the stairs without even thinking about it. However, as you’ve grown older…

Your feet hurt – a lot!

You may have seen at least one doctor, have orthotics that don’t work, been on pain meds, or perhaps even received injections.

But, you’re still suffering.

If you’re like most men, your feet have taken a beating from playing sports. And, because you’re a man, your feet are prone to prone to many diseases, such as gout. The cause of foot pain and (sometimes embarrassing) foot problems can be complex. Unfortunately, many doctors treat only your symptoms but never investigate the root causes of your foot problems. That’s why you keep having to go back.

The Approach Is Different Here:

  • Evidence-Based Medicine: Dr. Baldinger believes that outcomes are better when clinical experience, your needs and lifestyle, and the latest research are the driving factors in your treatment plan.
  • You Get The Correct Diagnosis: To get the right treatment you first need the correct diagnosis. Your treatment plan will involve care for your immediate symptoms while we determine the underlying cause of your problem.
  • Belief In Conservative Solutions: Dr. Baldinger will lay out all your treatment options with an emphasis on conservative care first. Surgical procedures are only recommended when necessary for the best long-term results.
  • We Are Understanding: Dr. B. will explain your diagnosis and treatment options clearly and in a way you can easily understand. He will answer all your questions and take your concerns seriously.
  • A Focus On Long-Term Results: Patient education and excellent long-term patient outcomes are the goals of your care here.
  • Experienced In Advanced Procedures: Dr. Baldinger is one of the most experienced practitioners in Rockland County. Specific to men’s care he specializes in Gout treatment and the correction of Flat Foot with little discomfort and rapid recovery.
  • Respect For You, The Patient: We will be sensitive to your schedule, your lifestyle, and your cultural needs. Dr. B will take the time to find out who you are, how you feel now, and how you want to feel in the future.

Let’s face it; men tend to ignore their feet. They stick them in a pair of socks and shoes and forget about them. That’s why men have more foot problems than women.

Dr. Baldinger is an expert in treating the foot problems that men suffer the most:

Are you ready to stop suffering or being embarrassed to show your bare feet? Make an appointment today and discover the Baldinger difference.

Let’s Get You Moving Again - So You Can Get On With Your Life.

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