As a parent, you want your child to have a happy childhood. You want to see your child on the playground, enjoying sports, riding a bike, and partaking in all the activities of a normal childhood. But, some children can’t participate because their feet hurt too much and nothing helps.

Does this describe your child?

  • Constantly complains about foot pain
  • Refuses or is unable to participate in normal school or camp activities
  • Shoes never fit correctly, wear out quickly, or wear out on one side.
  • Prefers to stay home most of the time
  • Has flat feet

It’s likely you’ve seen a few doctors. Maybe even paid for custom orthotics. But your child is still in pain, and you worry there’s something more seriously wrong. You’re scared.

The fact is, foot pain is not something your child will grow out of - it will get worse as your child gets older. The cause is often a structural abnormality of the bones of the foot that causes the alignment of the foot, as well as the rest of the body, to be compromised.

The Approach Is Different Here

  • Dr. Baldinger has over 30 years of experience, much of it with children. He is one of the most experienced practitioners in advanced procedures in the New York City metropolitan area. Our practice is different, and here’s why:
  • We Focus On Long-Term Results: We want your child to feel better right now and to be healthy and confident in the future. Today, highly innovative, minimally invasive treatments are available to correct many painful foot problems for life and are safe for children as young as five.
  • We Uncover The Correct Diagnosis: To get the right treatment you first need the correct diagnosis. Yes, we’ll treat your child’s immediate symptoms, but we’ll also discover the underlying cause of the pain.
  • We Are Understanding, Patient, & Respectful: We will explain everything in a way you can easily understand. All your questions and concerns will be taken seriously. And, we will be sensitive to your schedule, your lifestyle, and your cultural needs.

If you’re ready to stop being worried and instead watch your child run around like the other children, make an appointment today to discover the Baldinger difference.

Let’s get your child moving and enjoying life!

“Dr. Baldinger cured my child. This is the first time my 11-year-old son is able to participate in camp with other children without pain medication.”

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