Athlete’s foot and fungus of the skin and toenails are extraordinarily stubborn and unsightly conditions. Once they start, it can be tough to get rid of them. Sometimes they disappear for a while, only to have the chutzpah to return. Again, and again.

People try all kinds of remedies to be free of fungus such as soaking their feet in apple cider vinegar or using over-the-counter products from the pharmacy. Some take strong oral medications, but, unfortunately, they can have serious side effects.

If you’re tired of fungus, tired of keeping your socks on during yoga and your shoes on at the beach, here’s some good news…

You Don’t Have To Live With Athlete's Foot & Fungus Infections

Dr. Baldinger’s comprehensive Nail Treatment Program involves a safe, FDA approved, painless cold laser system that gets rid of the fungus. Combined with a simple home care plan, most of our patients happily discover that the fungus doesn’t return. Ever!

Fungus Is Approached Differently Here

Athlete’s Foot and skin and nail fungus are medical issues and must be addressed medically. Not only are they unsightly and embarrassing, when left untreated your skin can crack and create a condition where severe bacterial infections can set in.

Fungus infections always begin in the skin, and that’s why so many remedies don’t work - they only treat your nails. However, when your skin is addressed as well as your toenails, fungus can be a thing of the past.

Let’s Get Rid Of Your Fungus Once and For All!

Helpful tip: Protect your feet from athlete’s foot a 15-minute UV shoe sanitizer that you can use at home. It is a safe ultraviolet light that kills the fungus and bacteria that live in your shoes. Available at or in our office.

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