When Google “Hammertoe” you get this definition – and it’s wrong: “A hammer toe is usually caused by wearing shoes with high heels or narrow toe boxes. It often affects the toe next to the big toe.”

What is a hammertoe and what causes it?

A hammertoe is an abnormality of the structure of your foot where the ligaments tighten and your toe joint buckles up. It’s a condition we see more in women because they wear tighter shoes with narrower toe boxes.  This aggravates and accelerates the condition, but alone, does not cause hammertoes.

When the process first begins, the toe is still flexible. However, as time goes on the toe becomes more rigid and, finally, permanently bent. As the toe rubs up against the top or bottom of your shoe, skin irritations occur and result in corns, calluses, and ulcers.

Hammertoes are also just plain ugly – but what is the root cause?

Hammertoes are caused by a misalignment of the bones in your feet. This misalignment can be something you’ve walked around with your entire life. As you get older and wear shoes that aggravate the condition, a bunion begins to develop. This causes your big toe joint to move out of place, therefore affecting your second toes. It’s gets moved, too – and becomes a hammertoe.

We Treat Hammertoes Differently Here

Up until very recently, little could be done to correct a hammertoe. However, a small group of podiatrists of which Dr. Baldinger is one, have become experts in analyzing foot biomechanics and foot function to determine the underlying cause and treat hammertoes in minimally invasive ways. Often correcting them – for life!

If you have a hammertoe and are ready to do something about it, we welcome you to come in for a consultation. If you have the beginnings of a hammertoe and your toe is still flexible, the time to see the doctor is now.

You Deserve To Love Your Feet Again!

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