Is This You?

You have flat feet also known as fallen arches. Many of your family members do, too. When you were little you were told that you’d outgrow the problem, but it has only become worse. You’ve tried orthotics, but they don’t help. You can’t find shoes that fit correctly. And, you are in constant pain - even in sneakers.

The Truth About Flat Feet

Feet are the foundation of the body. When feet are flat painful symptoms can show up elsewhere. Back pain, hip pain, knee pain, and posture problems are common with individuals who have flat feet.

Your flat feet are often a symptom of a misalignment of two bones - the talus (ankle bone) and calcaneus bone (heel bone). For your feet to function normally, your anklebone must sit directly on top of your heel bone. If they are not aligned properly, the anklebone will move forward and cause your arch to flatten.

The Right Orthotics

Every day, people spend hundreds of dollars on orthotics that do not work, do not fit into the shoes they wear, and end up sitting in a drawer. What a waste of time and money!

First class, properly made orthotics, likes the ones we make here, will support your arches and make you feel better. But they will not correct the function of your feet. Dr. Baldinger is an expert in orthotic therapy to relieve pain.

We Approach Flat Feet Differently Here

While the right orthotics will relieve your pain, there is a new solution for flat feet that permanently corrects the problem with minimum pain and downtime. It’s called EOTTS and is a minimally invasive procedure that corrects the alignment of the bones of the feet. It’s safe and effective for nearly everyone, including children and seniors. Dr. Baldinger is one of the top experts in EOTTS and has earned the designation: Master Surgeon In Flat Foot Correction.

You don’t have to live with flat feet and the symptoms for life. We invite you to make an appointment with Dr. Baldinger and find out if the procedure is right for you, we present all appropriate options to have you feel the most comfortable.

Dr. Baldinger Will Get You Moving Again!

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