When walking is difficult, life is complicated.

Besides the proven health benefits of walking (weight control and fitness), walking is essential to do all the things you need to do each day. Your feet are one of the most complex structures in your body. Difficulty walking can be caused by injuries or disease in other parts of your body. It can also be caused by abnormal anatomical structure of the many muscles, ligaments, and bones that make up your feet.

The pattern of how you walk, which is referred to as your gait is as individual as you are. Your gait is affected by:

The Structure of Your Feet: Men’s feet are different than women’s feet, and adult feet are different than children’s feet -which are still developing. Like the rest of you, your feet have their own personality. Many people are have difficulty walking just because of the structure of their feet.

The Shoes You Choose: The shoes you choose to wear can adversely affect the way you walk. I’m sure you’ve noticed that some shoes feel great and others cause pain. Many people don’t realize that the reason they have difficulty walking is that they wear the wrong shoes. When the shoes you choose are the wrong last, toe box, and size, walking can be compromised. You’d be surprised to learn that about 30% of our new patients arrive at the office wearing shoes that are totally wrong for their feet.

The Surface You Walk On: If your work requires you to tramp around the city on hard concrete, and you also have foot problems, you know how difficult it can be. The constant pounding can have a detrimental impact on even the healthiest feet. If your feet are already in trouble, walking every day on hard surfaces is going to cause difficulty walking and eventually, may require you to make some hard decisions on where you work or how you commute.

Here’s some excellent news!

Dr. Baldinger has numerous strategies designed to get you walking again. First, he will evaluate your gait to make a correct diagnosis. It could be that the structure of your feet and the way they hit the ground are the reasons you have difficulty walking. But it could also be your choice of shoes.

The correct treatment is in direct correlation with the accurate diagnosis, and at our practice, the correct diagnosis is critical.

If you’re having difficulty walking and are ready to get to the bottom of it, we encourage you to make an appointment today.

Dr. Baldinger Will Get You Walking Again!

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