Bunions Are Not An “Old Lady” Problem

Many people think of bunions as an "old lady” problem, but despite the fact that the majority of people who get bunions are women, they mostly form when they’re young. If you’ve noticed your big toe joint seems to be moving out of place, your shoes are misshapen in the big toe area, or you experience pain or numbness, you likely have a bunion.

Bunions don’t go away – they only get worse with time. When neglected they can even cause your big toe joint to become arthritic. Sadly, many people wait too long to get treatment because they’ve been told the only solution is a painful surgery with a long recuperation period.

We Approach Bunions Differently Here

If you believe that surgery is the only way to eliminate your bunions, we have great news for you. Bunions are symptoms of misalignment and misalignment can be corrected without surgery.

As a patient of Dr. Baldinger, the goal of your treatment is to reduce pain and to prevent the joint from further deterioration. To relieve the pressure that caused your bunions to form, he will order top quality, custom orthotics manufactured from the finest materials available. If you already have orthotics and they’re sitting in a drawer because they don’t fit your favorite shoes or just make the pain worse, it’s likely they were not made correctly.

What Caused Your Bunion In The First Place?

While orthotics will make you feel better right away, the underlying cause of most bunions is a misalignment of the bones of your feet. And here’s the best news: Dr. Baldinger is an expert EOTTS. EOTTS (xxx) is a miraculous minimally invasive procedure, done with local or twilight anesthesia involving minimal pain and which prevents further deterioration of your joint - for life!

Bunions don’t have to sentence you to a life of pain and ugly shoes. The key is to get your feet evaluated now – before it’s too late.

Dr. Baldinger Will Get You Moving Again!

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