Dr. Harry Baldinger has long been the doctor that patients come to after years of ineffective treatments and incorrect diagnoses elsewhere. He has a level of experience and expertise along with access to the latest medical technology and treatment that has made a world of difference for thousands of patients.

The Baldinger Difference:

  • COMPREHENSIVE CARE We pay attention to every detail and complexity. Your first visit will include a full health history, evaluation of your symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, or a treatment plan for addressing your foot complaint. You will have history and physical to determine if your foot problem is related to your general health and an evaluation of your walking and circulation. You will not be rushed through your visit. I listen.
  • INNOVATION AND THE NEWEST TREATMENTS Specializing in correction of flat foot conditions, talo tarsal dislocation. Symptoms include flat feet, pronation, bunions, hammer toes, lower back pain, hip pain, knee pain and poor posture. Dr. Baldinger is experienced in bi-lateral correction. You can fix both feet at once!
  • PEDIATRIC WALKING CLINIC If you feel that your child is not walking properly, or that your child experiences pain and resists normal age appropriate activity get expert diagnostics. Treat the underlying problem and the symptoms.
  • INJURY AND TRAUMA TO THE FOOT If you step into a piece of glass, sport injury, infection or gout attack get immediate help from a specialist.
  • SPECIALIZED CARE If you are considering bunion surgery, or if other reconstructive foot surgery has been recommended find out about new less invasive proven solutions to your foot pain.
  • HOUSE CALLS AVAILABLE Call For Appointment

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