Your foot problems are having a negative impact on your life, and you’ve seen at least a few different doctors in your quest for relief. But nothing is working.

You’re not alone. Feet problems are one of the most common reasons that people stop walking, stop exercising, and sometimes stop enjoying their lives. In fact, a large percentage of new patients who arrive at our office is looking for a second opinion.

If you’ve been informed that the only option to correct your foot problems is a highly invasive, painful surgical procedure that will require many weeks of recovery, it’s time to get more information.

Many Of Our Patients First Came To Us For A Second Opinion

At this practice, we care about you -  your lifestyle, your responsibilities, and your cultural requirements. This knowledge, combined with Dr. Baldinger’s excellent diagnostic skills, enable us to design the right course of treatment.

In his 30+ years in practice, Dr. Baldinger knows that the most troublesome foot problems, including bunions, neuromas, hammertoes, and chronic foot, ankle, and heal pain gout, are best treated when you, as a whole person, is taken into consideration.

We Treat Feet Differently Here

  • The Correct Diagnosis: Sadly, many of our new patients were being treated for the wrong conditions - for years. We combine experience, knowledge, and testing to ensure we give you an accurate diagnosis. An accurate diagnosis is a key to getting the right care.
  • Conservative Treatment: Many of our patients had been told that their foot problems could be only corrected only by surgery. Dr. Baldinger believes that surgery should always be your last option. There are many tools in his toolbox, some of which you probably were not aware of, that can correct foot problems without surgery.
  • Unique Approach: We are deeply invested in the most advanced podiatric procedures, many of which are minimally invasive and proven to be effective, sometimes enabling us to correct your foot problems for life.

Dr. Baldinger is an out-of-network provider. However, patients frequently discover that it actually is more affordable to be our patient than to use a doctor that’s in their insurance company’s network. That’s because our care is not limited by the restrictions and pre-approved procedures required by insurance companies.

Our fees are often lower than the total co-pays, co-insurance, and overages your insurance company won’t cover, particularly when major surgery is involved.

Come in for a second opinion and get walking again!

If you (or people you care about) are tired of going from doctor to doctor and want to finally walk comfortably again, please conider making an appointment with Dr. Baldinger for a second opinion.

The Right Diagnosis Leads To The Right Treatment

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