If you or someone you love suffers from painful foot problems, it’s likely you’ve been to at least one doctor, have been prescribed orthotics, or have had, or are considering having, painful surgery involving a long recovery period.

We approach feet differently here. For over 30 years, Dr. Harry Baldinger has focused on getting to the root cause of foot problems, not just treating the symptoms. Having examining thousands of pairs of feet, he knows that many common foot conditions are caused by an underlying alignment problem with the bones of the feet, and that’s why his approach is different.

The Baldinger Difference:

  • Correcting Foot Problems For Life: Dr. Baldinger is an expert in safe, highly innovative, and minimally invasive procedures that require little or no recovery time and correct many painful foot problems - for life.
  • The Right Diagnosis: To get the right treatment you first need the right diagnosis. You'll feel better right away while a plan is put in place to address what caused your problem in the first place.
  • Integrity In Medicine: Here, your treatment options are not limited by the restrictions of your insurance coverage. Instead, you will get what you medically need. That is true integrity in medicine.
  • Understanding, Patience, & Respect: We explain everything in a way you can understand. All your questions and concerns will be taken seriously. And, we are sensitive to your schedule, your lifestyle, and your cultural needs.
  • Reasonable Fees: If you’re like most people, you’ve already seen a doctor on your insurance plan. But you didn’t anticipate the coinsurance, the deductibles, or the cost of getting incomplete treatment because of your plan’s limitations. We offer medical care designed to help you, not just to keep you coming back. Our fees are reasonable, and payment plans are available.

It’s no secret why our patients are so loyal. At our office they get the attention of a highly respected expert in the field of podiatry and a big dose of compassion.

If you’re ready to stop being in pain and to start enjoying life, it’s time to see Dr. Baldinger. We invite you to make an appointment.

Let’s get you moving again!

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