Orthotics. You may have a pair now and you may have had a pair when you were a child. They’re expensive and usually not typically covered by medical insurance (when they are, they are usually inferior products). They often sit in a drawer because they don’t fit into the shoes you love - or they actually make your foot pain worse.

If you were under the impression that your orthotics were going to solve your foot problems, you’re probably pretty frustrated by now. You’re still in pain.

What Are Orthotics?

Orthotic are devices worn inside your shoes that are meant to properly align your feet in a neutral position and redistribute pressure so they will function normally. The theory behind orthotics is that once foot function has improved, any back, hip, knee or shoulder pain will start to diminish, too, because the entire body is in proper alignment. The problem is - most orthotics are simply not made correctly.

Dr. Baldinger is an expert in orthotic therapy, and his credentials qualify him to determine the precise type of orthotic you need. As a patient, his first order of business is to perform a gentle examine your feet and correctly identify the underlying reason you have foot problems. He often orders tests to confirm his diagnosis and make sure the right treatment protocol for you is put in place.

We Approach Orthotics Differently Here

Many of our patients can wear prefabricated orthotics (also called inserts) and we carry the very best ones available in our office. If your problem is pronation, flat feet, or something more severe, you may need prescription custom orthotics, that are explicitly designed for your feet.

Medical literature supports the fact that when you need custom orthotics they should be made from plaster casts of your feet - and we agree. Many practices use pressure mats or foam pads instead of plaster, which doesn’t result in a true custom orthotic that will fit your foot (and your favorite shoes) accurately.

Orthotics Will Not Correct Your Foot Problems

Orthotics can align your foot in the correct position and relieve some of your symptoms, but they do not change your feet. But if the underlying cause of your foot problem is never addressed you will likely need orthotics for life. This applies to children, as well.

Good News! Dr. Baldinger is an expert in an advanced procedure called EOTTS. It is safe, effective, and 98% successful in correcting many of the conditions, which cause people to need orthotics. For life!

If you’re in pain and if you have a drawerful of orthotics at home, please schedule a consultation at our office.

Dr. Baldinger Will Get You Moving Again!

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