Your feet are complicated miracles of architecture. They contain 26 bones, 33 ligaments, and many muscles, which all must work together while under pressure from your entire weight body weight above and the various surfaces below you – every day. It’s no wonder so many people suffer from painful, achy, and tired feet.

When your feet hurt or are uncomfortable, it impacts your entire life. Lack of mobility can cause all kinds of problems, from obesity to depression. The goal of our practice is to restore your mobility.

We Approach Foot Care Differently Here

In the 30 years he’s been in practice, Dr. Baldinger has examined a lot of feet! And he’s developed a methodology that sets him apart from many other podiatrists – it involves treating you as a whole person, not just as a pair of feet.

Dr. Baldingter will treat your immediate symptoms: When your feet are miserable, you need relief fast. Dr. Baldinger has countless ways to help you feel better and get back on your feet quickly. They include superior custom orthotics, specially formulated products, and advanced minimally invasive procedures.

Dr. Baldinger will uncover underlying causes: We are invested in employing the most up to date science to uncover the underlying cause of your foot problems while we treat your symptoms. We also make sure we completely understand your lifestyle, your desires, and your cultural needs before we recommend a course of treatment.

Dr. Baldinger believes in conservative care: Many patients come to us when surgery has been recommended by other providers. Foot surgery can be painful and involve long recuperation periods. While surgery is sometimes necessary, Dr. Baldinger considers surgery as the last option.

How We Treat

What Happens During Your Visit?

  1. Evaluation: Your visit begins with a complete medical history to evaluate your general health and its affect your feet. Dr. Baldinger is kind, compassionate, and he listens.
  2. Examination: Next your feet will be thoroughly examined and an initial diagnosis will be made. Dr. Baldinger is so gentle, patients tell us they began to feel better the minute he touched their feet!
  3. Testing: To confirm his initial diagnosis, Dr. Baldinger may order X-rays, an MRI, or blood work. This is where we often discover underlying biomechanical problems that have never been undiagnosed.
  4. Treatment Plan: With the correct diagnosis in hand, Dr. Baldinger will create your treatment plan. We will lay out your options in a way that you can understand, ask questions, and be an active partner in your care. You will benefit from the doctor’s 30 years of clinical experience combined with the patience and understanding of the entire practice.

Dr. Baldinger is an expert in treating the symptoms of systemic disease (particularly Gout), treating flat feet, and in advanced procedures that help many patients avoid surgery and eliminate chronic foot pain forever.

We Don’t Just Treat Feet – We Help You Have A Better Life

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